Girls With Annoying Voices

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There is nothing worse as a man than to date a girl with an annoying voice. Everything can be right, you can be attracted to them you have a lot in common there's no hideous surprises all is well. But then she opens her mouth and sounds like a cat being dragged through a car wash.

How do you get around this? There is no notable way that I know of in fact a girl with an annoying voice is perhaps the worst possible outcome. You just cannot have a serious conversation with them. It appears to me that if there is no conversation then there is no relationship so if you are with a girl whose dialogue annoys you. Jump ship.

How funny it can be when you take this girl to meet your parents. Sniggers every time she opens her mouth from your family friends, the running jokes as time progresses and you really are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do you tell her that you cannot talk to her when she opens her mouth? No of course not. Do you just ignore it? No because it grinds your very bones. And can you finish it with her? Definitely not what kind of human are you?

So the proverbial rock and hard place phrase has never been truer than in this case. A girl with a troublesome tongue does not breed well with your friends and family. If they can't stand to be around her then how can they stand to be around you so you really do have to make a decision.

You may even have had the unfortunate experience of falling in love with this girl so really what do you do? Well you need to talk things through with each other. Try to find a way around it if you can maybe you can just get used to it; maybe she can work on it. Oh dear you can't be having that conversation really can you?

You need to be realistic if you cannot stick her voice now then why will you suddenly be able to in a few months. My advice is to find another excuse to break it off. That way you learn to be a better person as well as getting away with some dignity intact. She doesn't get hurt until the next relationship she is in and your hands are clean.

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Girls With Annoying Voices

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This article was published on 2011/06/12
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