How to Approach a Girl: Be Practical

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Even if you learn how to approach a girl, you can still expect to face a problem unless you get to know something new. The problem is that most of the tricks that you may learn for approaching girls actually turn out to be ineffective, because the girls out there already know them.

It is not as if only boys have a difficult time approaching girls; even men are no better in spite of how much they brag about it. The fear of rejection is so strong that most men are tongue tied and usually utter something stupid without even realizing what they are saying. The trick is to know how to approach girls using a method that they do not already know.

The reality is that most girls already know the methods used by boys. Reading articles online and tips on how to approach a girl from friends hardly prove effective. These are, at best, useful only as a guide. It is actually real time experience that teaches you how to approach a girl.

The first thing to learn is to accept rejection. There is no sure formula as to how to approach a girl, and you have to live with the reality of rejection. One wrong move and you are back to square one or a weekend of watching old movies at home. Not only do you have to accept rejection, but you also have to learn to cope with them. Taking rejection in your stride is a sign of maturity. Over time, you will learn how to use what you have learned more effectively.

Just as you read articles about approaching girls, girls too do their own research about how to protect themselves from potential threats. If you are asking how can I approach a girl? she has probably already updated herself with the latest tricks doing the rounds. What you can do is to surprise her and not speak much; instead, let your body language do the talking.

Positive body language that exudes confidence normally elicits the desired response. Avoid approaching girls with drooping shoulders and nervousness. If you do that, the chances of a girl rejecting you are much greater, because women like confident males who they can depend on. At the same time, do not come on too strong. Wait for an indication that she is interested, such as laughing at your jokes or touching you lightly while laughing. In the event you find that she is not interested, move on.

The best way to approach a girl is to just be yourself. If you are too eager, she may feel threatened. Even if she is interested, be brief. Tell her you enjoyed the conversation and that you would like to meet her again. There is a likelihood of rejection even at this stage. Do not be discouraged; if it is a no, then it is a no and nothing doing beyond that. Pressing the issue will not get you anywhere. If you leave the matter there, then you still stand a chance, but if you persist, it is harassment.

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How to Approach a Girl: Be Practical

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This article was published on 2010/12/13
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