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I remember searching for "how to pick up girls" on a Friday night in my apartment. This was soon after getting my first corporate job after graduating from college.

I was searching for this term because, despite all of my hard work at landing the prestigious consulting job and doing everything "by the books"; I still wasn't getting the girls I wanted. As a matter of fact, I wasn't getting any girls AT ALL.

How could my schooling and society have led me astray? This anger and curiosity fueled by desire to learn more about human interactions and eventually led me to San Francisco and the world of the pickup artists.

My friend Casual asked me to write this article about picking up girls. I hesitated, because how could I possibly convey how to pick up girls, something I have devoted my entire life since college to teaching guys how to do, in a single blog post?

So I'll save the philosophical discussions for another time and simply get down to the ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS of picking up girls. I promise that if you can get these simple things down, you will see immediate results. However, always keep in mind that LONG TERM results, as with anything of value in this life, require discipline and persistence to master. With this power, comes the responsibility as well as the joy of using it.

So here it is for you exclusively- The AlphaWolf Essential Pickup Checklist

1. Decision Control

This is the most important step you will take in the journey of ten thousand miles. All players of life have a fundamental belief that they are the masters of their universe. You must first make a decision to embrace the belief that you have control and have the power to create attraction and improve yourself in your social interactions.

Whether you need to see a guy who's worse looking than you in field or book a boot camp with an instructor, do whatever it takes to condition yourself to come to this fundamental believe of the control of your own destiny.

2. Just Do It!

Most guys blow the pickup because they never approach in the first place. Whatever you do, you will learn something from each approach you do. Keep approaching girls and keep learning. As you auto-correct you will begin to develop better eye contact, better body language and better voice tonality.

Don't reject yourself before you even give the girl a chance to!

3. Be Slow And Calm

One of the most important things is what Kezia refers to as your "stage". This is the combination of your body language, voice, facial expressions and overall solidity of your physical and character presence. Do you ever notice how early videos of celebrities show their faces with a lot of reactions, and later on, as they become more famous, their reactions are more controlled and less erratic? They have learned to control fame and the social power that was thrown at them, and with this comes a power of control in their social interactions with others.

4. What To Say (Opener)

There's a lot of advice about openers out there. I would advise on finding the best one that suits you. Direct openers are great for beginners because it is high risk, high reward. Indirect openers generally give you more experience at talking with strangers, but builds less attraction and less of the skills a newbie needs to EXPERIENCE what sexual tension and attraction feels like.

Nowadays, a lot of naturals advocate being honest. If you are not comfortable telling a girl that you are interested in getting to know her, or finding out who she is you have a problem. If this is the case for you, that's fine. At least you have identified a place where you might find yourself stumbling over and over.

When you are honest with girls, you will see your results skyrocket (again this is proven by years of hard research!) and you will find that your desires and the desires of the women you are meeting are not so different after all.

5. Get The Number

The #1 reason that we see guys lose women is because they never even ASK for their phone numbers. If you want to see serious results, make it a habit to ask EVERY girl for her number. Even if you fail, a number increases your chances of a date and getting to know the girl better. ALWAYS ask. Even if you fail, so what? You will never see her again.

The point is to build it into a habit that you are always getting new phone numbers all the time. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

and that's really it.

There's more to this game including reducing number flakes, seduction and day 2s. All of this will follow course, however, if you manage to get the above 5 steps down smoothly.

For more advanced material and further reading about picking up girls, checkout our site, PUA Lingo.
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How To Pick Up Girls

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This article was published on 2010/09/25
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