Loving Your Partner

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When I used to talk to girls, I saw them as beautiful creatures that god had created. Little did I know that girls were meant for every guy and not just every girl was meant for me. I was always seen as the funny guy, the guy that knew how to make a girl squirt milk out of her nose, literally!!

Somehow when I turned 16 everything changed for me. I started to realize that the more you talked to a girl and the more you listened to them then that would be the connection between the both of you. Without realizing, I had become every girls fantasy guy. I was the guy in school every girl talked to. But little did I know that instead of being the dating guy, I had become the friend guy. Without knowing whether I was in a right position I started taking action on every girl that taught of me as their guy friend. I was wrong because not only didn't they see me as that type of guy but they stopped talking to me.

I know my ways around girls and I know how to score the hot ones but I realized that girls like to be ignored sometimes and they feel like they can't breath when you keep asking, "Are you OK?", "Are you alright?" I had realized I was the opposite of what I was before. I wasn't the guy every other guy was jealous about, I was the guy every other guy laughed at because they seen me with girls but they knew I was nothing but a friend. I changed my ways and went back to being the jerk and being the ignorant guy, yes I lost girl friends but I knew that I wanted to be the ladies man again. I had it again, I had found my Mojo once again and soon had girls begging for me.

Until I met a girl who I just believed was the most cool amazing chick ever!!! No I didn't have butterflies but I wanted to be with that girl every day and talk to her every day. I had met the girl of my dreams, the type of girl you can tell everything to, the type of girl you can fart in front of. She knew how to make me smile and laugh and make the milk squirt out of my nose. Trough it all I learned that every girl is a friend but when you meet the girl you like to be with then both of you will know what its like to have something for each other. A girl doesn't want a jerk who treats her bad, she wants the opposite, she wants a trustworthy friend that will promise to be with her and hopefully can lead her to the altar.

Guys don't think that by ignoring a girl will make her be into you more, she will be bored and will soon go to someone else who listens to her. Whether you learn the hard way, whether you get your heart broken, it is up to you to decide how to speak to a girl and how to let her know how much you feel. I learned from many girls that they like listeners and people who can actually hold a conversation. I met my girl and I believe you should find yours too.

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Loving Your Partner

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This article was published on 2010/04/01