Silkworm Girl And Angel

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After two eluvia, growing tracks already from its past that black and diminutive and slim and desiccated and boring and weak creature had grown into a white tender, gentle and quiet big girl. The growth as the age, the look of change, she worries too gloomy rise from day to day. Don't uncertainties about bullies is horror, she often hurt his back: " If I could have a heavy-duty defending this much nice! That would not need not be wary of this wary of it?"
Silkworm girl's groans by a transient angel heard, she gently blowing a mouthful of Xian Qi. Soon silkworm girl actually start out from his mouth one root flexible silk, she slowly parcel up.
Lying in the silkworm girl protective though no longer day in, but also can no longer take notice of outside brachia, never again distinguish former partner, and never spot the entertaining. Day one long she again feels this type of no affection, without friendship, no friendship life more afflictive. Untangling complain a way: "how life is so remorselessly? No terror of protective all day when a awful, have protective and lonely intolerable. I prefer dead!"
Silkworm girl complained it was introduced to the angel ears, she gently landed in silkworm girl side gentleness say: "do you really want to die be partial to this lonely? If you really want to die resembling my pour can absolute you!" Silkworm girl was surprised to expect: "who are you? How do you know my awareness?"
"I am an previously effect you realized the desire of angels, as long as you require, I can meet you!" Angel still said sensitively.
"Sister Angle, in fact, I don't exceedingly would like to die, I just don't recognize what to do just" silkworm girl in the net begged said.
Angel or gentleness speak: "in fact all your bugs is your own, so you will produce this beware, beware all day so paranoid that that friendship, family abandon you, love to you like. You don't believe pain just strange!"
"You are smart to say I do!" Silkworm girls anxiously said.
"Bravely terminate their bondage, to go boldly face reality, frank get along well with others, I believe before too long away from your family love, friendship be go backward on your side, you will obtain precious love!" The angel states that finish silently left.
Silkworm girl with his own teeth opened the layer isolated cocoon son, daringly returned to the authentic life. Her courage and open face reality little by little threw away the original suspicion, depression and withdrawn becomes lively and cheerful up. Soon had her estranged family fondness, friendship went back to her side; she did acquire the dream of darling!

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Silkworm Girl And Angel

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This article was published on 2010/12/13