What He Really Thinks When You Text Him Everyday

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Often they stop replying. They roll their eyes when they see the who the text is from. I inquire and he says with no emotion at all "Just some girl who texts me all the time". It's obvious that this girl who is texting him is killing her chances. If you are texting him everyday, stop and read further.

If a guy isn't initiating a texting conversation with you, it's not a good idea to text him first. It tells him you are willing to invest in him without him having to invest or put any effort forth at all. It tells him you are more than available and it also scares him to death. You are acting like a girlfriend long before he is ready. Sure he may answer you. He answers because he wants to keep you there as an option. If he is not texting you first or initiating, you certainly aren't a priority.

I guess I am very tired of the women who complain that they text him and he doesn't reply all the time or takes hours or days to respond. They wonder why. It's not a big mystery really. Guys value what they work hardest for. If you are texting him he is not working for you at all. You are doing his job for him. Who wouldn't let you do the job for them in reality if you are willing? All fine and well except for one thing. You will never build his level of attraction if you are doing his job for him.

The girl that makes his eyes light up when she texts is the girl that rarely texts him. It is like a special treat when this girl finds time to text him. It's like a great steak. If you eat it every day, it's just no so special anymore, but if you only get it occasionally, you appreciate it so much more.


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What He Really Thinks When You Text Him Everyday

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    Mack Smith- 2012/12/20 00:24:04 am

    I like this guy, but i am not obsessed. When we do text, the conversation is wonderful. But i want him to get a little mysterious why I did not text him, so I don't text him for at least a day. But if he texts you first, even if you renter planning to text him, he wants you!!

This article was published on 2010/10/22
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